Charity days

Charity days at Whitney Bridge take place three of four times a year in order to support local charities in their fund raising.

Over the last five years 2012 - 2019 various charities have raised over £14,500 at Whitney Bridge Charity days and has been used to support many local initiatives for them.

Charities who have benefited are Busy Bees Nursery, Crocodiles Pre-school, Clifford, Eardisley and Staunton-on-Wye Primary Schools, Eardisley Church, The Red Cross, Haven Breast Cancer Care, Black Mountains Lions Club, Heart Start, Home Start, Little Princess Trust, Hope Support Services, St Martin's Scout Group, Bredwardine Church, MARS and Cancer Research to name a few.

On their allocated day the charity collect the toll fees as donations but they also have use of all available facilities to increase their takings - we've had tea/coffee and cake sales, car washing, head massages, Olympic torch appearances with photos taken, photos taken of famous celebrities, toffee apple and cup-cakes sales as a drive through, bacon and sausage rolls plus raffles and treasure hunts to name just a few of the brilliant fundraising ideas. Have a look at the photos below, and scroll through, to see all the fancy dress and ideas.