Coarse fishing day tickets are available through the The Wye and Usk Foundation – the areas for fishing are on both sides of Whitney Bridge to the left and right. Salmon and Trout fishing day tickets are available directly though us call 01497 831669 or email For reports of recent local Salmon Catches click here.

The statutory coarse fish close season applies between 15 March and 15 June (inclusive). It applies on all rivers, streams and drains in England and Wales, and to some canals and some still waters.

The open season for fly and spin fishing for the River Wye for Salmon is from the 3rd March - 17th October and for Trout is 3rd March - 30th September.

Typical fish seen and caught here are salmon, trout, grayling, chub, pike and barbel.

All people fishing will need to have their own valid licence.